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Electrochemotherapy :

Dr. Vinod Gore performed the first ElectroChemoTherapy (ECT) procedure in India at the Sahyadri Hospital, Karve Road, Pune. He has been using this technique since the past one year plus, with a very good rate of success.

ECT is Enhanced Chemotherapy. Electrochemotherapy (ECT) is a combination of electroporation amd chemotherapy. Electroporation uses electric impulses to create nano pores in cell membrane of cancer cells (tumour cells). Induction lines emerging from electric impulses get focused on cancer cells due to the dielectric properties of these cells. Electroporation thus, does not affect healthy cells.

Pores increase cell-membrane permiability. This allows easy diffusion of Chemotherapeutic drug into the cancer cells.

It is a method for opening the wall of the cancer cell and allowing the chemo agent to enter the cell. This is achieved by subjecting the tissue to a series of high voltage electrical pulses.

Electrochemotherapy for Local Tumour Control :

  • Day Procedure. Takes 20 – 30 Minutes.
  • No major adverse side effects.

Electrochemotherapy is a therapeutic procedure for treating cutaneous tumours via electroporation using certified electrodes.
The electroporation process is combined with local chemotherapy.

After locating the exact position of the tumor, The chemo agent is injected locally around the tumor or intravenous in a low concentration.

Position the electrodes around the tumor and the generate 8 pulses of 1000 Volts with a duration of one millisecond. This will open the cell membrane of the tumor cells and make them permeable.

After the electrical impulses have stopped, the membrane of the cells will close. The chemo agent is now trapped inside the tumor cells and can break down the DNA of the cell.

The DNA of the tumor cell is breaking down and the cell go into necrosis.