Breast Surgeon in Baner Wakad PCMC :
      A girl's exposure to estrogen and progesterone rises and falls for the duration of her lifetime, stimulated via the age she starts and prevents menstruating, the common length of her menstrual cycle, and her age at the beginning childbirth.

      A female's risk for breast cancer is improved if she starts menstruating earlier than age 12, has her first child after age 30, stops menstruating after age 55, or has a menstrual cycle shorter or longer than the average 26-29 days.

      Women who have taken delivery control drugs inside the recent past may additionally have a slightly higher chance of growing breast most cancers.

      This chance goes away if you have no longer taken birth manipulate tablets for at the least 10 years.

      Some studies advocate that taking hormone alternative therapy for menopause with mixed estrogen and progestin may additionally boom hazard, specifically while taken for more than 5 years.

      The jury is still incredibly out on this matter, although. Heavy doses of radiation therapy will also be a factor, however low-dose mammograms pose almost no threat.
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